Believing that music can enrich life and bring solace, Anita has played for over a decade for individuals facing challenging circumstances.

She played in Red Cross Shelters after Hurricane Floyd (1999) and Hurricane Katrina (2005). She accompanies individuals to oncology clinics and to palliative care wards. She plays for children whose parents are leaving for Iraq and Afghanistan.

She has played in soup kitchens and in psychiatric hospitals. She has presented a seminar for Healing Harps at DeKalb University in Illinois and performed at the Liturgical Harp Conference in Charleston. She performed for delegates to the 2006 Health Ministries Association Conference at Duke University.

The most requested melodies are compiled in her CD, Healing Touch. Click here to view the songlist.

Kelly Lewis, who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, listens as Anita Burroughs-Price plucks a Celtic harp. Photo by Takaaki Iwabo, reproduced with permission of the News and Observer, 2006
"... she has brought dignity to terminally ill persons: performed for comatose patients and felt the spiritual metamorphosis as they begin crying with music's soothing sounds. Her music brings peace and quietness to persons experiencing trauma and helps people find their internal power to begin the healing process." Cheryl Stephenson, Wake County Physician