Concert with Durham Choral Society
conductor: Rodney Wynkoop
"The program consisted of three important compositions--Britten's "Ceremony of Carols," presented in an edition for mixed chorus by Julius Harrison. . . . The harpist was Anita Burroughs-Price, one of our region's great artistic treasures. It's probably safe to say that if this concert had consisted of nothing more than her solo harp Interlude (number seven of the Britten work), the trek to Durham would still have been worthwhile."

John Lambert and William Thomas Walker

Recital with Grammy-winner Branford Marsalis
"The biggest challeng of the work (Villa Lobos "Quatuor") is found in the harp part... Burroughs-Price handled the challenge both gallantly and beautifully."

Timothy Holly,

Recital with NC Symphony Flutist Mary Boone and World-Renowned Organist Marilyn Keiser
"Burroughs-Price seemed to breeze through the many virtuosic passages (of Mozart's Concerto for Flute and Harp) effortlessly.... Burroughs-Price returned to play "Aria in Classic Style" for Harp and Organ by Marcel Grandjany. This was the highlight of the evening for me as the harp got its chance to shine via one of the great composers for the instrument. In this lyrical, romantic work, the two instruments complimented each other in a heartfelt performance."

Jeffrey Rossman,

photo by Charles Register