A devoted educator, Anita is often sponsored by institutions for cultural arts presentations and appears under the auspices of the United Arts Council's Artists-in-Education program. She is the harp instructor at Furman University and has served on the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Wake Forest University, St. Mary's School, and the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts. Her students have won many competitions and scholarships for further study at major conservatories.

A scholar of early harp music, Anita has been the recipient of Regional Artist Project Grants from the United Arts Council for travel to London to research the history, technique and repertoire of her rare 1810 Erard single-action harp. (This instrument was selected by Haydn's favorite harpist, Mme Anne-Marie Krumpholtz Krumpholtz for her friend and member of Parliament, Samuel Farmer).

Anita Burroughs-Price has supported the arts through her volunteer performances for many charities, churches, synagogues and civic groups. She has performed in soup kitchens, prisons, in Red Cross hurricane shelters, hospitals, and at the bedside of terminally ill patients. She was awarded the 1999 Raleigh Medal of Arts, the city's highest award, for her "outstanding artistry and humanitarian service." Her recording, Healing Touch, won the 2006 Excellence in Media Silver Angel Award.

photos by Charles Register